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BananaSlamJamma Attempting to pub in NA
5h40m English

Brian "BananaSlamJamma" Canavan is a semi-professional Dota 2 player who primarily plays carry. He graduated with a degree in Biomedical Engereering in 2016, and decided to pursue a career as a Dota 2 player and streamer. Dota 2 is his first MOBA and has been playing since 2012. He entered the competitive scene in early 2015 after he achieved the number one rank in the NADota Elite League.

AdmiralBulldog Funky Dota | Gift a pleb, save a tree | [A] @AdmiralBulldog
18m English

Henrik "AdmiralBulldog" Ahnberg is a professional Dota 2 player from Sweden. He was introduced to the competitive scene by Dendi, who brought him in as a stand-in for Natus Vincere. AdmiralBulldog has been the offlaner for Alliance since it was formed back in September 2012. However, after The International 2016, he withdrew from Alliance with no news yet regarding his future plans.

Attackerdota Hey - Twitter: @Attackerdota
2h16m English

Mohammed "Attacker" Almheiri is a professional Dota 2 player from Dubai. He is currently teamless, however he joined Complexity Gaming as a streamer on October 29, 2016. Attacker rose to fame due to his skill with the hero "Kunkka", which he has been consistenly spamming in pubs.

BeyondTheSummit New Beginning vs Geek Fam - Galaxy Battles SEA qualifiers w/
58m English

Beyond the Summit (BTS) is a new-media company based out of Los Angeles, California that creates and broadcasts high-quality eSports content. Since its founding in March 2012, BTS has organized, hosted and commentated many of Dota 2’s most prestigious tournaments, including Valve’s $18.4 million The International 2015.

kuyanicwxc Happyfeet vs Fire Dragoon (BO3) | Galaxy Battle SEA Qualifie
1h32m English

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KheZu 8.2k pubs
2h15m English

Hello, my name is Maurice and I'm a guy who loves moba genre and have been playing it for many years now . I am 22 years old and im from Germany, Aichach to be exact. I've played competitive Hon for 4 years and now i only stream / play Dota 2. I like to interact with the stream so feel free to ask anything. I only have one rule for you: Have fun, enjoy the stream and feel free to chat

DreamLeague RERUN: Optic Gaming vs Complexity - Game 2 - League Play - R
16h47m English

The ASUS ROG DreamLeague is a new League by DreamHack and ASUS ROG as well as Roccat, TheGDStudio and Swedish TV channel TV6. The long-term goal is to create the world’s most prestigious Dota 2 league with focus on Europe and North America. DreamHack will work closely with the team organisations and make them partners to the league, but also keep them independent. On top of getting top exposure at Twitch.TV and TV6, DreamLeague also provide teams with travel support to LAN finals, stream and broadcast statistics, and also kick-back on specific revenue streams.

Robot77V1C377 Late night party que with NA's finest Rejects !youtube for F
9h58m English

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KorbanHS Новичек в дотке, но уже 4.5к
9h46m English

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7h22m English

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