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Savjz Savjz Treachery new emote savjzWoohoo
4h11m English

Janne "Savjz" Mikkonen is a Hearthstone player from Finland, currently playing for Team Liquid. Savjz is known in the Hearthstone community as a top tier ladder player and occasional caster at Blizzard events.

Kolento C9 Kolento Constructed.
4h47m English

Aleksandr "Kolento" Malsh is a professional Hearthstone player from Ukraine, currently playing for Cloud9. He is most known for pioneering the Miracle Rogue deck and for his many high place finishes at premier tournaments.

bmkibler Kibler - Deck Experiments !massdrop !subtember
2h30m English

Brian M. Kibler is a professional TCG player and game designer. He is most well known for being a very succesful Magic the Gathering player, but recently started making a name for himself in Hearthstone as well. Brian Kibler is known for his high level plays in Magic: The Gathering. Recently starting to play Hearthstone, he has taken the internet name "Kibler" so people recognize him in game.

J4CKIECHAN Oktoberbrawl Week 3, more packs!
3h31m English

Jack "J4CKIECHAN" Hutton is a Hearthstone player from Great Britain, who is currently playing for Fade 2 Karma.

Amnesia_sc Racing Zalae to #1 Legend !bet
1h26m English

William "Amnesiac" Barton is a Hearthstone player from United States of America, who plays for the NRG eSports.

Firebat Playing bo5s
1h20m English

Hey I'm James Kostesich. I play Hearthstone and consistently rank high in ladder and tournaments. I stream from 4:00 AM - 8:00 AM EST on weekdays. Chat Rules: Hard Spamming might get you banned if you're the only one doing it. Calling me bad names will probably as well if I see it. Otherwise, I'm down for anything.

Senfglas_ control paladin !songrequest
2h13m English

Cedric “Senfglas” Sander. A 21 year old mathematics student from Germany. He started playing Hearthstone a couple of weeks after the game’s Beta ended.

DreamHackHS [Rerun] Mitsuhide vs Fluffy - Hearthstone Grand Prix DreamHa
34h50m English

No profile has been written for this streamer yet.

RyzenTV coL.Ryzen | chill day
2h49m English

Ryzen is a full-time Hearthstone streamer who plays under the compLexity Gaming banner.

A_Isherwood Arena | Co-op with Keludar | !sub
2h37m English

No profile has been written for this streamer yet.