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C9Sneaky Lethal dosage of memes
3h9m English

Zachary Scuderi, better known as Sneaky, is a professional League of Legends player who currently plays AD Carry for Cloud9 of the League of Legends Championship Series North America. He won the 2013 Summer NA LCS and 2014 Spring NA LCS with Cloud9. On July 17, 2015 he was listed as a sub for Cloud9's Challenger Series team.

Voyboy Voyboy: The Return Of North America's Undisputed Best Top La
1h17m English

Joedat "Voyboy" Esfahani is a high elo player, who previously played as for Luminosity Gaming. Voyboy is from Berkeley, California in the USA. He originally became well known through his top tier Ezreal play and his role in popularizing Wriggle's Lantern outside of the jungle.

15h50m English

I'm currently Master tier as an ADC main, and I was also Master tier in season 5 as a Talon OTP. I used to be known for many years as a high Elo Talon OTP with an in-depth Talon guide, and it's a reputation I'm still associated with, despite the rework and having barely played him since season 5. Nowadays though I write guides for a variety of champions, mainly focusing on ADC.

Cowsep Master Yi IS SOO OP .... Come see Korean #1 Yi
3h1m English

I'm a Twitch streamer that wears a cow hat. I live in South Korea. I also play Korean League of Legends.

wickd Wickd Let's get Challenger today!! 17/30 days streamed !yout
1h47m English

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Grossie_Gore Gross Gore - #1 TF - EUW Solo Q - [ENG]
25m English

Well, I'm Gross Gore aka Ali Larsen. Twisted Fate's favourite one trick. (EUW) Livestreamer & Youtuber for a living. Proud 1994 Toyota Supra enthusiast. Business -

GoodGuyGarry Relearning my old main Aatrox
3h8m English

FAQ/Summary I PLAY TRYND NOW K 8 HOURS A DAY EVERY DAY around 6-8pm EST start I'm a 26 year old CPA drop out who decided to make streaming a full time career after being the first person to attempt the Bronze 5 to Challenger climb going from 30 viewers to 6,000 overnight then to 17,000 the next day. When those climbs were looked down upon by the League community I switched to streaming non meta builds such as AP Xin Zhao and Critical Strike Garen. However, this led me to becoming complacent and rusty due to the amount of smurfing. I don't play Tahm anymore. They nerfed him so hard... RIP. I occasionally use custom skins which the tutorial can be found on my Youtube channel along with the various music playlists I listen to as well. I live in FL, USA and play on the NA, LAN, and EUW server.

midbeastlol MidBeast | Patch 7.23 Challenger Mid Lane
1h44m English

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LoLGeranimo Geranimo - Super Boring Solo Q Stream Don't watch | I have a
9h44m English

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서나랑 제가 생각해도 살짝 못하기때문에 약간의 훈수는 인정합니다
7h0m English

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