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loltyler1 challenger is within our grasp
4h29m English

A Twitch Streamer known for playing League of Legends.

boxbox (´ー`)σ secret night stream shh (´ー`)σ
48m English

Albert "잘못" Zheng began playing League of Legends in Beta. Originally playing Poppy, he eventually began to consider Riven as his favorite champion. His original League name was "Plumber," but he eventually changed it to his current name due to harassment from fellow players. Specifically Wingsofdeathx, who he describes as someone he admires. After a Reddit thread detailing his helping of another player rose to the front page requested that more people watch his stream, BoxBox quickly rose to streaming success, gaining many devoted followers. On April 24, 2013, BoxBox joined Velocity eSports as a substitute player.

Wingsofdeath Super Top 2: Electric Boogaloo
3h9m English

Daryl "wingsofdeathx" Hennegan is a high-elo player and freelancer in the competitive scene. He is currently teamless, but was the substitute player for Team SoloMid, and previously the top laner for Team SoloMid Evo. Wingsofdeathx started playing League of Legends in April 2010. He initially played the game casually in between raid downtimes in World of Warcraft. League of Legends soon became the game he had the most fun playing. After playing the game for around 12 to 14 months he started to take the game more seriously, especially after starting to stream the game. One of his first appearances in the competitive scene was playing for team No Clue in March 2011, placing 3rd at Newegg Summer Wanfest 2011. On April 24, 2012 he joined Epik Gamer, replacing Westrice as the Top Laner of the team. Shortly after that, SoloMid.Net acquired the roster of Epik Gamer and formed their second team, Team SoloMid Evo, which he played for until it disbanded after their loss at the Season Two NA Regionals. He had previously played as a substitute for Team Dignitas during the NESL Pro Series Season 3, and recently played as a sub for the rebooted Epik Gamer in the Season 3 online qualifier. He is currently a sub for TSM Snapdragon. He was one of the ten players who were invited to play at IGN ProLeague SXSW All-Stars 2013.[1] He lives in California and attended University of California Irvine, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. Since graduation, he has been making a living through streaming.

TSM_TheOddOne League Jungle Power Hour then Civ6/StS at 8PM PST
2h42m English

Ex TSM's jungler playing league of legends. I play league of legends and other random games currently, come for the forehead, stay for the rage!

LLStylez Getting style points like 21 gets M's in his bank account
1h54m English

No profile has been written for this streamer yet.

AnnieBot Annie Bot - Another day
6h22m English

Annie Bot is a streamer that has more than 10,000 recorded ranked games as Annie.

VaporaDark [RERUN, NOT LIVE] Live 7-10 PM GMT
3h51m English

I'm currently Master tier as an ADC main, and I was also Master tier in season 5 as a Talon OTP. I used to be known for many years as a high Elo Talon OTP with an in-depth Talon guide, and it's a reputation I'm still associated with, despite the rework and having barely played him since season 5. Nowadays though I write guides for a variety of champions, mainly focusing on ADC.

4m English

FAQ/Summary I PLAY TRYND NOW K 8 HOURS A DAY EVERY DAY around 6-8pm EST start I'm a 26 year old CPA drop out who decided to make streaming a full time career after being the first person to attempt the Bronze 5 to Challenger climb going from 30 viewers to 6,000 overnight then to 17,000 the next day. When those climbs were looked down upon by the League community I switched to streaming non meta builds such as AP Xin Zhao and Critical Strike Garen. However, this led me to becoming complacent and rusty due to the amount of smurfing. I don't play Tahm anymore. They nerfed him so hard... RIP. I occasionally use custom skins which the tutorial can be found on my Youtube channel along with the various music playlists I listen to as well. I live in FL, USA and play on the NA, LAN, and EUW server.

QuasLoL Quas - top lane ranked climb
1h6m English

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saintvicious Solo Q on Smurf, reviews for new subs
4h32m English

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