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Voyboy Voyboy: Challenger Climb Continues (5%) !spooky
6h5m English

Joedat "Voyboy" Esfahani is a high elo player, who previously played as for Luminosity Gaming. Voyboy is from Berkeley, California in the USA. He originally became well known through his top tier Ezreal play and his role in popularizing Wriggle's Lantern outside of the jungle.

tarzaned LAN UNRANK-CHALLENGER - SUB FOR CLUB TAGS! (!prime, !club) !
6h38m English

No profile has been written for this streamer yet.

Scarra SORRY FOR BEING LATE Every win = green infernal amumu skin c
1h8m English

Scarra is a well known personality in the League of Legends community and former professional mid laner for team Dignitas.

VaporaDark [RERUN, NOT LIVE] !schedule !viewbot !discord | https://twit
12h46m English

I'm currently Master tier as an ADC main, and I was also Master tier in season 5 as a Talon OTP. I used to be known for many years as a high Elo Talon OTP with an in-depth Talon guide, and it's a reputation I'm still associated with, despite the rework and having barely played him since season 5. Nowadays though I write guides for a variety of champions, mainly focusing on ADC.

SirhcEz NASUS IN 2018 | D1 | chill + sleep stream
3h32m English

Hi i'm Chris and here are some questions that a lot of people ask me! Why do you wear a hat? type !realhatstory in chat How tall are you? im short! 5'4 Why not audition for american idol, x factor, the voice? i don't think i'm THAT good lol. I enjoy singing as a hobby and I hope you guys are entertained by the songs i sing :D How'd you get your name SirhcEz? It's my name backwards Chris E'z What do you do outside of streaming? I sing for my Church! Why do you have a pillow emote? A lot of people have told me that my stream is very chill and fall asleep to my stream lol. Might as well provide a pillow :) What is your ethnicity? I'm Filipino

1h16m English

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aelois Ash | Get grinding fam | Infernal Amumu skin giveaway PogCha
2h38m English

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Dekar173 Best Rengar NA - Now Sponsored by U.GG!
7h50m English

I live in Abq, NM (Breaking Bad place) and I prefer red. Venture Bros is my favorite show. 6th season was gdlk RIP for another 2 years... I love books, movies, music, anime, and pretty much any form of entertainment. Send me recommendations here on my twitch! Yes I have a GF (7 years and counting O_O), and no sorry no pics, you'll all have to use your imaginations 8^> Now that I'm using my webcam she'll appear from time to time, I've just been lazy sorry lol. Pls no copy pasterino my life story! Also if you've got any tips on how I might improve the stream don't be shy, I'm always looking to make it a better experience. Thanks for watching <3 I love copypasta. Pls keep it dank though we're meme professionals in this chat, only the toppest of kek material from the depths of 9gag or GameFAQs is appreciated here.

TrackingThePros Bootcamp: IG TheShy, EDG Ray
18h57m English

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Lourlo challenger solo q GGS Lourlo Top Lane Informative | !youtube
3h54m English

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